2 Lines = IM PREGNANT!!

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So this past tuesday (about a week ago) i realized that my period was a few days late. So i bought a couple of tests and they both came out POSITIVE! So i am pregnant! My fiance was happy but we were very scared to tell our parents. We told them and now everyone is very excited about the new addition to our families.

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2 Responses to 2 Lines = IM PREGNANT!!

  1. Congratulations to you and your fiance!! I wondered what that question meant about changing your blog name!! Now I get it =) My babies are 15 and 18 and my oldest started college today. They grow up sooooo fast and I have to say, you will hear this from EVERYONE but PLEASE, PLEASE listen to this one piece of advice…cherish every moment when they are young…from babies, to the awful toddler stages (love the devil out of them) to the tweens….just don’t let them or let society force them to grow up so fast. I miss my babies so bad and would give ANYTHING if I would have listened to what people told me and just let them be babies and stopped being in such a hurry for them to walk, talk and be independent. Most of all, love them unconditionally and with all of your heart! You will be an awesome mommy!!

  2. Brynna Crampton says:

    I congratulate the both of you. I envy you and all the other people I know who are becoming mothers… I love kids and get to work with them everyday but I can’t wait to become a mother myself! I look forward to reading your blogs!

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