Thismorning i woke up and had some light pink blood after i wiped. I got really nervous and thought something was wrong. I did throw up so i think that was a good sign. There was no more bleeding and i read up on it and talked to a few people that told me that it is normal for this to happen. And i should be ok as long as im not in pain, cramping, or bleeding heavily. Thankfully it was only that one time and i am ok now.
I also went to a place called Birthright to get a pregnancy test confirmed so i can go to our first prenatal appointment tomorrow.
It is going to be an intake appointment so im not sure exactly what they are doing but i was told i may get an ultrasound. I can’t wait to see our baby on the screen!!
Oh and the test was also POSTITIVE at Birthright..
so i am indeed PREGNANT!

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2 Responses to A SCARE!!

  1. couponboa says:

    Congratulations! I wish you a happy and the most comforting journey!

    Take much care,


  2. Michelle Ayers says:


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