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(isnt that the cutest dog

Anyway.. one of the biggest side effects of being pregnant i have had lately is.. SMELLS
Now, not food smells suprisingly (yet)
But perfume smells and the plug-ins that my fiance’s dad has in every corner of the house!!

What were/are some of the smells that bothered you when u were/are pregnant??

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  1. heather says:

    omg, this always gets me too… everything that smells is always 1000 times worse when im pregnant… i cant stand it, garbage stinks to me im such a pain about taking the garbage out to rich when im pregnant because i think it stinks when no one else can even smell it lol.

  2. Melanie says:

    Farm Animals were the smells I couldn’t handle when I was pregnant with # 2. My husband is a truck driver and one time I met him at the truck stop and a driver had an empty animal trailer, ugh, the smell was awful! Normally it didn’t bother me, I grew up on a farm and worked on a large one during college.

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